Chief PeepooKaka CageFighting ring






Gooooooooooooooooooooooooood Evening Ladies and Gentlemen.... Boys and Girls.... White Men and Braves!  Many of you simply know the MM Tribe as a band of peace loving nature enthusiasts!  However, true to our Native American origins we have been running the most successful gambling operation in the lands of Salem.  From TumbleWeed Races to Turkey fights we offer a wide range of entertainment for all those who need a quick fix.  Despite the huge popularity of these vices many demanded a bigger "rush" and so we have recently completed construction of the SERVER FIRST GLADIATOR CAGEFIGHTING RING!


  For the low price of 75 EW (our native currency) you can witness one of the most thrilling experiences this game has to offer!  But first let me give you a history on how we collect our fighters.  First I introduce myself to our first fighter!



  After I have acquainted myself and I am comfortable that this fighter will provide the maximum amount of entertainment for your EW's I immediately begin training the new fighter so he is prepared for battle.



  I am now convinced that our fighter understands the battlefield.  The next step is making sure that he wants to meet his Challenger in this fight who will be none other than Chief PeePooKaka Himself!!!!  Since this fighter is so exhausted from his first sparring match we need him to create a character to take to our fighting ring. Of course it never hurts when our freshly trained fighter kin's us (more on this mistake later).


There we go folk!  Our new fighter, previous trained in the art of combat is now ready!  His Name shall forever go down in history.  "Hardesty the 3rd" the first ever Cagefighter in the apple!  What a glorious opportunity this player has!

  We negotiate for our fighter to travel to meet the Chief for his epic Cage Match!  Of course being a Gladiator in our cage is not free so we attempt to charge the player 1,000 Silver for the glory to compete.  In the end we settle for 600 silver and some Iron Bars.

Oh yes and we help ourselves to everything in his base after he logs off as well.


Now any good promotional event organizer knows that you live or die by the clock.  So if I was going to sell out tickets to our first event then I needed to know EXACTLY when this fighter would come to our ring.  So the next step it to organize a time for your fighter.  Also its important that you condition your fighter to grind up his character as high as he can before the match. 

  And of course it never hurts to confirm the time of transporting the fighter.... As well as giving him just a wee bit more motivation to make the journey.


  In this case we were very fortunate.  Our fighter was so excited that he arrived early AND decided to bring a friend.  So we began to walk....


And Walk.... And Walk..... And Walk

  Luckily this gave me a great opportunity to get to know and bond with our fighter.


And finally the key step is to build the confidence of your fighter and teach him how to commit the crime so your cagefight does not get uninterupted by an untimely boston port.  You can also feel the excitement in his words.  For those who want to skip to the action you can scroll down.  But for those who have always been curious as to just what that bug was thinking before it hit your windshield... I implore you to read the dialogue


So we finally arrive!



And our warrior charges in!



The Gate is closed.......


Our second contestant enters the ring while the paying spectators leave the nearby house and take their seats for the action.



The Brave Hardesty darts for the gate attempting to flee the Cage Match....  But in the cage... The sign says it all.....


The crowd goes wild as the fight continues on!



They are given the choice on if the challenger lives or dies......


The Cage Fighters guardian angel looks down upon the cage... unable to help.



And so it was over......





If only he read the sign......